Kunzite Jewellery

Kunzite is a beautiful stone to look at, with a gentle, almost heavenly appearance.

Diamond Jewellery

The gift of a diamond is the ultimate way to express your appreciation for a loved one and to mark a special moment in your life.


We are looking forward to accompany you in finding your perfect gem. In addition we offer advice in the manufacturing of fine jewelry with the gem of your choice.


We have reduced the prices of gold jewelry with Kunzite and Peridot stones by 50 %

Trikolor offers Diamonds / Sapphires (precious stones) and Kunzite / Peridot and Amethyst (semi precious stones) from which we have made exclusive jewellery to our own design.


Jewellery with Diamonds and Sapphires (Precious stones)

We have several Diamonds and Sapphires of very high quality in divers sizes, from some cut stones we have made rings, pendants and earrings.
All jewellery is made of 14 or 18 carat white or yellow gold.
We also have loose Diamonds from 0.16 to 1.73 carats and Sapphires from 1.0 to 3.05 carats that we offer you. All cut stones are approved and therefore have an officially recognized certificate.
If you want larger cut stones, we can offer these through our contacts in Antwerp and Sri Lanka.

Jewellery with Kunzite / Peridot and Amethyst stones (semi-precious stones)

We have cut Kunzite / Peridot and Amethyst stones in several sizes and of very high quality, we have made several cut stones into rings / pendants and earrings to our own design.
All jewellery is inspected by the Dutch institute "Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland" which you can see by the stamp that is applied on the inside of the jewelry.
We present all our loose cut stones and jewelry on our website.


We have jewellery with Kunzite and Kunzite stones from 4 to 127 carats, these stones have a light pink to dark pink color and are from Afghanistan. All the cut stones are untreated.


We have jewellery with Peridot and Peridot stones from 4 to 25 carats, these stones have a light green color and are from Afghanistan.


We have jewellery with Amethyst and Amethyst stones from 4 to 30 carats, these stones have a purple color and are from Afghanistan. All stones are cut and polished to our own designs and under our supervision.


We have entered into a partnership with r.q.kristaltechniek who sell rough Kunzite crystals and Peridot stones, the Kunzite crystals weigh from 20 to 500 grams. If you are interested in rough stones, you can view them in the webshop www. . If you would like more information about these rough stones, you can also send us an email to 


We can also offer you the previously described range of loose polished stones made into jewellery in consultation with you and at your choice (or in consultation with our designer).


If you are interested in purchasing jewellery and/or want to have a piece of jewellery made in consultation with our designer, let us know!

You can reach us by e-mail: or by telephone +31 (0)6 397 646 85


With kind regards,

Ineke Berkholz